Below you will find our most common questions.
When will I be charged for my subscription?
Every month you will be charged on the same day from when you first started the Subscription. For example, if you placed your subscription on February 14th, you will be charged March 14th, April 14th, and so on. If you choose a prepaid subscription you will be charged every month based on your package. Example, if you choose our 3 month subscription you will be charged every 3 months.

Will I ever get the same pair of socks twice?
NO! We will send you a random pair or super cool socks each month and we will never send you the same pair twice, there's no fun in that!
Can I have more than one Subscription?
Yes you can! Once you checkout for your first subscription you can choose "Manage your subscriptions" in your account. From there you can see all available Subscriptions and simply click "Add". If you are using more then one gift voucher, please create separate accounts.

Will your socks fit my feet?
Our socks for Women fit sizes 5-10
Our socks for Men fit sizes 8-13
How much is shipping?

Shipping is free to the USA.
Outside the USA shipping is $4 USD. (Shipping is charged the day your subscription ships)
When will my order ship?
When you first sign up you will receive your first pairs usually within 2/3 weeks.
When will I get my socks each month?
Once you receive your first pair, you should receive your socks within a month apart.

How can I update my address or change my credit card?
If you need to update your Subscription information you can do so by going to the subscriptions page and clicking "Already have an account". From there you can change your subscription.
Manage your nextsock account
For monthly subscribers, we will continue to charge your credit card and send socks to you every month until you cancel your subscription.
To cancel, simply email us letting us know that you wish to cancel your subscription.
We must receive your cancellation email 48 hours before subscription renewal to cancel your subscription the following month. If we receive your cancellation email less than 48 hours before subscription renewal, then you will be charged and continue to receive socks. Your upcoming renewal will be cancelled.